About Us

Refuge Place International (RPI) was established in 2009 in response to the high rate of maternal and child mortality in Liberia, one of the poorest countries in the world. Half of the country’s population (50.9%) live in abject poverty (Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-information Services) and over 65% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. Access to quality healthcare is hampered by poor road conditions and lack of ambulances and high unemployment rate (approximately 85%).  RPI works with community leaders to ensure that all clinics are built through strong partnership between the local community and RPI. We charge a minimum fee for a full range of treatment including a laboratory and an ambulance service for referral of complicated cases. We provide free medical treatment to the blind and the elderly (65 years old and above); over 2,500 elderly people have benefited from this service to date. For extremely poor community members who cannot afford treatment cost, RPI has an aid program to enable them receive services for free. Many of RPI patients travel long distances to come to the clinics because it is their only option for quality and affordable health care.


Our vision is the healthy transformation of peri-urban slums and poor rural communities in Liberia. We do this by empowering women, men and children through medical and public health interventions and quality health care services that will reduce maternal, newborn and child mortality.


Our mission is to create a replicable health care model for economically poor and disenfranchised people residing in the urban slums and poor rural communities of Liberia. This model will ultimately result in the creation of their own high-quality maternal, newborn and child (MNC) care services, with the goal of reducing the high MNC mortality rate. 

Core Values

  • Ø  Compassion
  • Ø  Hard Work
  • Ø  Accountability
  • Ø  Transparency
  • Ø  Partnership


Core Services

  • Maternal health care: antenatal care, deliveries, postnatal care.
  • Pregnancy and childhood vaccinations in collaboration with the Liberian Ministry of Health.
  • General health care: high quality health care for all.
  • Community outreach: Community Health Workers track all pregnant women, children and elderly in the catchment area and provide health services and health education within the community.
  • Pharmacy
  • Ambulance service for referral to hospitals pharmacy.
  • Laboratory for diagnostic tests.
  • Eye clinic and eye screening outreach in collaboration with One Dollar Glasses USA.
  • Hand pump for clean water: accessible to the community.
How We Work
Transparency and Efficiency

We conduct independent external audits and conduct on-going monitoring and evaluation to foster transparency and ensure continuous improvement. 

Where We Work

We concentrate our efforts in low-income communities where majority of the residents can not afford the cost of health care and are least likely to visit a doctor.